Interactive Roleplay Map

Interactive Roleplay Map

The interactive roleplay map allows you to visualize the paths taken by your heroes in the world. You can present lore of cities and regions to make your universe feel alive, and give your players the impression of having an impact and truly making a difference!

For players: Use the map to visualize locations, record your heroe's deeds, and to read about the world's lore and major events!

For GMs: Present your world and its lore, plan your adventures in the grander scheme, and record major events. Keep track of the heroes and NPCs!



Games are still work in progress... Please check again later!

Space Fight: Battle enemy space ships in your nible and hard-to-hit fighter - or choose the magnificent Terra-class destroyer to deliver massive firepower instead!

Ancient World: Play online with your friends in this round-based strategy game. Lead your civilization to peace and prosperity - or to conquest and glory!

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Stephan Hogrefe - Munich 2019